Finally, i finished the last cd i have of gossip girl but the last two cds is with ekin, gosh, im so excited to see whats next. well, exams is coming after the school holidays and that totally means no holiday for me. im really hoping for the best without any failure. i really need to get back my parent's trust so that i'll get what i want. huhh, everything changed since the bulllshit stories my parents heard, damn, im so pissed off by that. by that, they're comparing me with the others, i was like, "let them be, i am me." lets skip that crap.

btw, im so sad that Paramore is performing in Singapore not in Malaysia. whats there in Singapore that is not in Malaysia? gosh, fans here is more fanatic than there. please come to dying over here. 7 March 2010, i hate you so much. Fuck Singapore!