as today, i went to this seminar in Kelana Jaya which is so near to Papa's office. HAHA. its a seminar for account's student. i went with Ekin, Anash, Ayesha, Aishah, Alia and all the form 5Dinamik. while i was in the bus, i cant stop laughing at Firdaus and Aided. we kept on laughing at each other and tease one another. they are the "tiang tnbs". ahaha. when we arrived there, eiuww! there's nobody that atracts me other than the Datuk. haha. byk duit, takpe. haha. the seminar is all about money! seriously, its all about money and how to manage money. as the lecturer said "money is just a tool". ahaha. the lecturer was actually pretty funny. ;) we received this AKPK's bag with lots of papers and stffs as i returned back to bukit jalil, Darina was waiting for me and ekin. i seriously is pity of her. she waited for us about 30minits. Darina, if you read this, im truly is sorry for what happened. i really want to walk with you but im so exhausted by pulling a cab near the school and let u walked alone. im so so sorry. im guilty. iloveyouu, thanks for being there. and thanks for the cigg.! HAHA.

i just finished watching two disc of gossip girl which i borrowed from Ekin. the drama is off the hooked! kids now-a-days are like that and im pretty sure of that. and now im blogging. i just signed out my myspace. well, do u know what i felt now? "left out" is what it is now. how could you not tell me the truth?im your best buddy man! i told u everything and why could you not? omg, u told me, if there's anything, you'll tell me, now, wth? well, let us just wait for next.

im sick of this coughing. im really is sick of it. its killing me every single nite before sleeping. Allah, please help me with this.