EKIN, you know who this guy is <3

its been long rite after i last updated my blog? well, i've been busy lately.

i had my exams finished and i think i did it well. Add maths was kindda hard but i answered some question that i thought i couldn't. Ekonomi Asas was a lil bit hard, especially the structured question. Agama was so hard, i left my paper blank. Science was okay, i think i did great. Accounts, damnn. i sucked it! sorry, teacher!

for the drama, well, iera has been missing for a long time. i don't know whats in her mind. she's still a kid that needs school, why is she not in school? why are you busy with your boyfriend all the time? c'mmon girl, think about your future. im just done with you. im sick trying to tell you what should you do. settle things yourself and be independent! face problems.

next, its Darina and those Form5 students. hishh, obviously, im pissed with what they have done to my friend. it hurts do. well surely, if im there, it would be a great fight. and the drama starts when i talked to Sakinah on the phone, she's mad at me cause she taught that i was accusing her on that but actually im not. and Darina was pissed at Bal, and we kindda didn't talked to him. haiyahh, in school, its awkward to see him, i dont know why, even though we were just like siblings before. its totally awkward. but im sure this will come to an end.

Kamarina, she's just a bank to me. she has money so when i need money, there she is, if there's no money, i wont even look at her. i only did this to her okay, dont look at me the wrong way. boys did this to her, and she kindda kantoi busuk with me with the picture in her phone. sorry to say this but there's a boy's cock's picture in her phone, the first picture in her camera album. goshh, its ugly! she's a total bitch and thats may be the weapon for me to get more money. *im so mean only to bad people

to Zai, good luck for PLKN. be happy when you're there. and you're the first person in my whole 16 years of life that actually wanted to go to PLKN, how suck was that? and and and Zai, im still waiting for you to say it. im waiting until you open your mouth about it. Take care, Bro!