seriously, it sucks to see other people got more love than us. it hurts especially people near us who is more than us. someday, i bet you, I'll burst out in anger and start to punch people if i get this treat again. stop pretending, stop lying, stop underestimate me, stop everything. you may think im the world's un-sensitive person but just so you know, im touched with every single thing. i hurt more at home than school. does all the stories you heard about me in school open your eyes? you should be cause at home im always tortured and shouted and embarrassed and humiliated. thats why im the character that you are school. ohh gosh, i cant take it anymore with the shouting and stff. i may be bad, but im not as bad as your favorite one. i hate being judge so dont just simply judge me! go to hell if you are embarrassed, i dont give a damn. i am what i am, and you have to accept that. you took drugs, have i ever let the secret burst? you're friends with people who took drugs, have i ever let the secret burst? you steal money, dont you think it hurts me? ohh please, i may be taking cigarettes, why are you telling me like im so so SO bad? put yourself first in front of the mirror if you wanna talk about me. this is the funniest part, my greds in school, who the hell do you think you are to judge my records? go to hell you fucking monstrous idiot fuller.