my tuition class was cancelled. urghh, as i was so freaking boring staying at home, i watched American Pie. hahah! im so pervert. damnn, cut it off, Renee. oh yeahh, at nite, i went to Summit Hotel and then i went to BRM Mamak to eat. i ate Roti Canai banjir. haha. im there with Sya, Alysa, Tiara, Rohan and Randy. haha. i was teasing Tiara about her work, but i got it wrong, she was like "ahh, kuyak ko ni" haha. it was funny. i learned new words everyday. and there's this insane keling trying to kacau us. mcm sial! usha mcm nak makan. tembak masuk hutan baru tau. after that, they went back to their hotel room and took their shower. while Sya and I walk-walk in Summit. then we bumped into Aida. awwww, damn i miss her like mad.

i miss Ekin, Darina, Intan, Nabil, Ndzf, Syahmi, Yot sume ah... haha *takde keje