i love JUICE MAGAZINE'S collection !

today, Sturday, i woke up around 11am or something. went out to see papa and mummy's gone to work that morning. papa ngah and mama ngah were there too. i ate rice with ikan goreng for lunch which sucks a lot! screw u maid! ahaha. blabla, went to cut my hair in Equine and im back to "MUSHROOM", pretty much normal but my front hair is gone, hate u mummy for this. had some munch with mummy in McD and then we went back home. i slept after i watch the final episode of GLEE.

then at 7.30pm , i went out and went to Summit Hotel to meet some new friends. i met Tiara, Alysa, Rohan and Abby. awww, they're cool Sabahans.after we started to talked and stuff, Tiara was like "hey, i kindda like you cause u moaked a lot", haha. after Summit Hotel, we went to Sunway to have some dinner. we took our dinner in Pappa Rich. and they kindda like it, after all, i just knew that there's no Pappa Rich in Sabah. haha. im meeting them tommorow! haha! i guess thats it, buh byeeee <33