so today is the SMKBJ's sports day! i woke up early in the morning as usual and arrived at school around 7.15am and i walked with Via and Haziq Met. blablabla, i sat at the class line and got a call from Darina and asked me to go up and i went up, gosh, its so tiring. event starts around 8 sumthing. then at 9am the cheerleading starts. and guess who wins? the freakin Red House, nehh, sokay. Grenn were left behind for just 2points. MAN YEE, chill! AND Blue House were pretty too, i have to give a compliment for their hard work. Then, its Darina's turn to run for the 4times100 meters, ANDDDDDDDDDDD DARINA freakin WON A GOLD! welcome back Darina, im so proud of you! when the event almost ends, i went up to take the Tarik Tali's medal that i won, i got a silver. AMINNN. hmm, Red concers all which sucks. urghh, whatsoever. and the KRS, OHHH YEAHH! sumpah korang style gila, its worth sleeping at school, illegally! haha, blablabla, when the event ends, Ekin, Darina & me went to maple and hung out for a while, then, Ekin went back and Bal,Darina,v and i walked to foodcourt and hung out for while with sakinah and gang,went i was in the foodcourt i suddenly became so uncomfortable and started to 'angin', ahaha. blabla, went back by cab.

i met my ASYHRAFFF, awww, he's so ugly now, ahah, no offense. oh yea, i met Alin and Nana and Tika too. its been ages since the last time i see them, aww, you guys have grown up. and smart too. ahah.

btw, Zaid, dont be frust with your SPM result, its okayy. tc buddy.