Saturday morning, i went out with Tante because we need to take nenek to the doctor so we went to SJMC, as usual. then i went to syasya's around 11.30 something, syasya was in the tuition that time. hmm, then then we took inara and we went to Subang Parade, then Damansara to Wondermilk to get syasya's cupcakes.we got it the we got bak home, start all the barbecue thingy.

i met Syafinaz, Amir, Nadzhif, Lisa, Inna, Nazreene, Shamina, Inez, Syamil, Asha, Shafiq, Adriz, Nabil, Danny, Niena, Khaysha, ntah sape lagi tah. ahaha. Man Utd vs Chelsea's match was held at the same time as the barbecue so Nadzhif, Lisa, Naz, Adriz, Inez, Shamina and I went to Kopitiam. then Shafiq came. blablabla. then sume blah tinggal I, Lisa, and Shafiq. we hung out and talked. then got back there at the barbecue. at that nite, i know 3 person's biggest secret, HAHAHA. no worries, im a good friend so your secret is safe with me.

Sunday morning, woke up around 8. haaha. bapak awal. then intan came and we went to McD and jumpa Asha and Rhyz. then gerak USJ 13's sports day. lepak dgn Nabil, Akmal, Danny, Din and ntah sape. haaha. i just hung out outside cause Syasya cant go in so i accompanied her. hmm, then i went out with Nabil and Akmal for a while in Akmal's Gen2 to buy tepung for Syasya. haha, the tempek thing worked well. very well. she looked like a damn freaking zombie. haha. its funny, try me.

went to pool in Station 1 , and im so happy that Shafiq thought me to play pool. ohmg, thanks wei. and Intan and i played as the 'tak terer' ones. haha. then gerak McD, and my craziness came along. haiyahahhh. people laugh real bad at the way i laugh. haha "my precious" , "shemigol". haha, Shafiq especially, he laugh like crazay. haha. i bet i was so funny. the whole McD heard us laughing. haha
daddadaa, at 7 something, lisa came and hung out for a while. she just cant stop playing with the lighter, Syasya too. syasya made everybody gelabah, huhh, haha. and Intan and Syasya was wondering what is going on between me and Lisa cause we were going somewhere that they cant hear us to talk, but actually its nothing, we're just playing games. haha. we're not lying. papa picked me up around 9 and im freaking tired.