today as usual, went to school. Sakinah took the morning with me. Bal was still doing his face and doesnt want to talk to me. whatever. andand Darina was absence. She's back to her old Darina. i've expected it already. She's hiding something but i dont know what it is. in school today, there's this AIDS motivasi and stuff but i missed it because of the Oral Test. during Oral Test, i was full because i was eating while watching those cooking show. haha. its fun. i got 23/30 which is good, said by Pn Tan. unfortunately, i had to do it again because ekin wants me to. i have nothing to say about that. pfft . next, Tan, the school counselor told me something that im proud off. you may think im 'poyo' writing this in blog, but im proud of it. she said that 'saya dgr result awak bagos, walaupun dlm kelas main2'. :) i really put an afford on it so i deserve it, i guess. haha. Add Maths, Economics, Accounts, i dont think i can reach those GOOD results yet but i'll try. dadada, got home and Hasraf were here. as usual, see nenek. papa was home too and surprisingly, mummy got home damn early. haha. at 5 something, Tante came. BTW, im so jealous of mummy&papa cause they got the chance to watch Lionel Ritchie's concert. shit, plus, its the RM888.00 price tickets. how hurting was that? urghhh, nevermind!