The Sweetest

we care about each other. we hold hands when we are together. we fight for us. we never let others beat us. we always connected no matter where or what or when. we always help each other. we always walk together. we always laugh together. we always laugh at others together. we always make jokes together. we always eat together. we always share our drinks. we always say "ohmygod" together. we always accept each others problem. we always understand each other. we always laugh at old pictures. we always sit together. we always LOVE each other...
but now, its all gone. its just sweet memories to be laugh at when we were older. i wish i could turn back time and make it 2008/09. this shouldn't happen to us. this is running me crazy. i always hide it so you wont notice so that you wont feel hurt.

its not surprising if we all move on. i always pray for the best not the worst. im always there if you need me, anytime.