Laughing Day

Saturday, it was the engagement day for Kak Fara. she's now officially somebody's fiancee. OMG, time flies. i tell you one thing, it was so bloody hell HOT. i was sweating like mad and there was no air-cond at all. but i still enjoy the day, lots of daramaaaa :) hahaha then after the ceremony i went back home for a while and then Tante picked me up and i slept in Subang again. haha at 5 something we(syasya and i) taught of heading Taipan but there's a red light. haha then we lepak2 for a while and we went to Subang Prade. we ate in KFC and there's this one group of Chinese people who laugh like its their Gradma's restaurant. fyi, i join the laugh and laugh out loud but still not as loud as the group. haha fa fa fa fanney! haha at night, around 9.30pm gerak Kpitiam 333 with Syasya, Danny,Lyssa, Nabil ,Faiz Alimin and Rejab. Lyssa hung out with us just for a while only. the best part of the night is between Danny and Lyssa. awwwwwwwww so sweet! i cant resist. we went back home around 11.30pm.

otw back to Lyssa's house theres something very funny happen. while Lyssa is waiting for something she kinda sat on this besi, then the besi patah and water came out from the big tong! hahahahahahhaha i tell you, i laugh like a lifeless person. i never laugh like that before. if you dont trust me, ask syasya. hahahha! but i wont laugh in front of Lyssa cause im afraid she might sulk. but hell, its funny.

syasya's creation : shawty's like a renee danny money mo lover, shawty's like a renee danny money mo lover, tell me what you missing.. paradise, pegi beli tomyam jap, EH! longan.

haha i had a fun day laughing :)

one more thing is that i hope that Syabil will be back with Syasya. AMINNNN.. ;) *jgn nak blush lah syasya