day by day im growing up. school is near to an end. im getting older and my responsibility is bigger. i have to take care of mummy and papa and also my beloved brother, ahakks. they're the family i have. i am nothing without em. school is getting hard. im getting stupider day by day in school, i guess. without tuition and stff, im the stupidest.

Accounts is running me crazy. i've come to an end and im droping that subject. whatever. i hate it and thats all i can say. feel like changing class but i cant. i cant take arts. im nothing in arts. i cant even draw. so now, i have to focus on my Melayu, English, Mathematics, Science, History, AddMaths, Economics, and Agama Islam. OMGGGG, this is drving me crazaaay, especially when the exams is just around the corner. whathefakkk