seriously, im so pissed off rite now. bitch, your father aint strong enough. heh cmon, she thinks she bring her father to scold me would make me scared to death? squeeze baby, you dont know me at all. kau ingat kau brado sgt, pleaseeee, kau tak besar mana pon. cut it out. stop telling your friends that im scared of u. im not! in fact, you are the one who runs when my brother came to school. whats wrong honey? scared? bring it on baby. im not gonna let you win. brado aku dah ready? how about yours? HAHAHA cam poyo je. pleaseee im sick of you BITCH! you are going down down down down down.

thanks to Nabil , Iqbal, Fitri, Ayoy and Jeme foe helping me in this. nnt aku belanja :p