i went to Subang. I meet up Lyssa, Syafinaz and Syafiq. I was there for a while. whatthefak do, i wish i was there longer.

woke up morning, breakfast. then gerak Kopitiam and eat. walk2 with Syasya to Lyssa's house. i was so shy to go inside her house. Haha her birthday is next week. idk whether i could go and celebrate her birthday. i wish i could. 3.30pm walked to Syafinaz's house and Syafiq was there. we hung out for a while then went back to Kopitiam cause Syafiq was hungry. after that we went back to Syasya's house and watch some DVDs. Haha Good Luck Chuck and The Exorcist.Sumpah gempak! we lepak until 3.30am. Haha i had fun.

Holidays sucks this time. to be honest