Where's My Reward?

i just wanted to say that my mp3 is back alive. Haha funny rite that my mp3 can be dead and then alive again. i wish human were like that. Haha im totally missing my school. Guess what? that lil Farisha*my junior told all my relatives that i went up on a chair to fight. i was like, shit, you told people about me in school? gosh, people never did that to me. Thats why i hate somebody related go to school same as mine. i hate it because im very bad in school. Haha oh yeah, i miss Bella do. i've never see her since last year. and i dont have the time to see her. hmm :(

Btw, things at home is really really really keep me running crazy. almost dying im living here. I really hope that i was in Subang that day longer. shit, if i were there at least i can see my friends. here? its hell. with nenek's condition. what i do at home is sleep, eat, online, otp, texting and watching television. if i woke up a lil bit LATE, its like an earthquake of Papa's voice. c'mon! im enjoying my holiday. why cant you understand? mcm sial. i just get very emotional when it comes to this. why are people pointing their finger at me? im the kid, you're the adults. so think! ohhmyy, day by day, my day becomes very suck! before this, i used to be very spoilt by my parents, now? its killing me. and im totally wondering, what do i get if i keep on doing what im doing? i got nothing so far :'(

Malu! Malu! Malu! my weekend this week suck. Haha honest