His Eyes Is Definately Something To Die For

as for today, I woke up around 9am to wash all my laundries. And i did some housework. Good of me though. Haha

I went to IOI Mall to catch THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE at 4.55pm and it ended around 7pm. blablabla walkwalk and IOI really is a chinese place. Haha no doubt. i can say that the movie was better than New Moon cause in Eclipse there's more Edward than Jacob. ;) Haha but i do expected more that this. so Breaking Dawn, you better make me run crazyy ;)

Ya know rite that 'The Guy' i have crush on has a FB? goshh, his eyes! his eyes! OMGG, im so gedik ya know. Btw, Im kindda pissed at B**** cause she always stalked my fb page and my fb friends. it is so obvious that she's trying so hard to try to get to know my friends. cam tafakkk, stay away. Its not that im 'kedekut' or wtv but please you're trying so hard. i hate watching it. -.-