Carnival Day

Its was held on Saturday. My class opened a stall called "WORLD CUP YAMCHA", since its the World Cup fever. i woke up late that morning, i supposed to wake up at 4.30am but i woke up at 5.45am. shit, you know why, i set my alarm at 4.30 but 4.30 p.m. shit rite? haha

i arrived school before 7am and Amin Ssong was there, thank god. then Steph came, then Aye and Puteri came, then Khai came blablablabla. we decorate our stall. yadaaaaaaaa, Hadib and Syahmi came with a VUVUZUELA, which make things even awesome. Haha

Then the futsal starts, all of my boy friends played. its the 3 vs 3. the White Tiger won. Juniors has their time to shine .__.

Jeme, Prince, Nathan, Mal were there. Haha ex-seniors of mine are crazzy. OHYEAH, i met Ekin's friend Emanda, she's cool. And Ikmal was there too. awww, i miss him. Haha then Ikmal, Nabil, Ekin, Amir, Apek and I went upstairs to the toilet and smoke. It was hell the fun. Haha

How bad can my school be? I hate those Juniors who thinks they're soooooo cool but actually they're not. Smack you!