As Usual

went to school as usual. i thought today was going to be better but it gets worse. arrived late today cause early in the morning papa & mummy had some problems to solve. haihh whatever. prefects loves to write down my name. who doesn't? Haha i laugh like hell early in the morning with Khai, Kedah and Ekin. blablabla walk into the class. here it goes, first period was BM with Cikgu Noraini, Goshh, she's so....i dont know how to say. she keeps on pointing her figer to me as if she's so good. i dont hate BM, i hate you. pleaseee stop with the bebel and sttf. it hurts my ear. you're simply two faces, gossiper and self centered. i just dont trust you anymore.

rest of the day went well, i laugh like hell during Science. people keep on laughing at me and my jokes. Haha now im tired laughing, seriously.
Honestly, what happened this morning with my BM teacher just spoil the day.
i wish you are not my BM teacher next year :)