school was okay okay. I had fun laughing. Played takraw with Hadib, Kerol, See Wen, PuiYee, Fhais, Fazreen, Amir, Nabil, and guys from 4D and 4G. it was fun. Ekin and Syahmi were totally sticking together like magnets. Im jealous! Haha I recessed with Yana and my usual gang.

at 3rd and 4th period, i was damn bored. i go downstairs with Hadib, whatever the teacher wants to say, im bored!

ohh yeahh, Syahir's drama! teachers in SMKBJ, biasalah en. kerek. i hate it when small things they brought it up as if it is such a bad thing. ALL of the teachers are the same. i had a fight today with cikgu Aznira babi tu and Noraini. what is your problem? tak suka, cakap depan depan, cikgu! gth lah

Most hurting:

when i heard the news this morning, i was completely shocked. i cant think of anything other than crying. but still i hold on with a cover. you lie to me. you said you didn't do anything but you did. i am completely disappointed in you. i thought you're gonna be different this time but you're still the same. what has got into you? Demons? Syaitan? Devil? I can still be patient with your attitude but i don't think others can. Think bout it, you think you're rite but no, you're wrong! im not capable of talking to you and advising you anymore. im just sick about it.

i know i dont have the guts to say bad things bout you but please, change for the good and not for the worse. i know what you did!