haha, the tittle was off the hooked in school . the korean guy, Hadib punched Joe's face with a ring at his hand. there's huge bengkak on Joe's face. pity boy. blablabla, i stayed back today and went back around 5pm. i was just hanging out and stffs. as i was being so annoying to people. u knw me? ahah. V is so in love with Kerollat. haha, chill out. ekin and darina went out and stffs. ekin&i goes crazy laughing at Aqeel's lady gaga Bad Romance's dance in class today. ahah, with the crump and all. ahahaha! while staying back, i joined Cikgu Ida's conversation with Joe and i heard that Hadib is in huge trouble. and the police is in the issue too. Cikgu Ida was just giving those sumpah to Hadib and his father. blabla, both of them were my friends. byeee now.