today suckkks ! damn , i was so so so unlucky today. morning, there's this ceramah disiplin in school, i was like , "why me?" urghh , the teacher was just pointing her finger to me. during english, i just hate her. idk why? maybe because of her atttude. it was so funny to stare at Amir's face when he's afraid. ahah , serve u rite, gangster sgt lah nak gado ngn cikgu? haha , waktu balik its rainng, i have the umbrella but i gave it to ekin&darina cause i want to mandi hujan! ahah, its been so long since i last mandi hujan. missing those moments with them :) i want to eat some icecream then the icecream man left me, damn you stupid head! urghhh , i was sooo BASAH and WET. ahaha , ekin just keep on trying to capture my picture but i wont give a smile, ahah , i knw i look funny so laugh! HAHAHA , i think im gonna get a very high fever, trust me . sooo thats it. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee