gosh, its a Wednesday and i usually stayback until 4 or 4.30 but yesterday, i stayed back untill6.30pm and got home at 7something. i was accompanied by v and we accompanied ekin. she's just so lucky, she went back first than us. three of us went to maple and hung out for a while. i met Mal , Jeme , and Eary. i miss em! ahaha, then then, it was raining heavily like mad! v and i had no choice but to run back to school while the heavy rain, it felt like im in a shower or something, but thank god i didnt get sick. my books were all wet and ohmygod, u got me rite? damn, especially my acc's books. sorry,teacher for the ugly books. HAHA! when i got back, papa were outside of the house, its just scary to see the face, but whatever, i just got inside the house and do nothing. it was cold, i cant lie! but ekin, You Owe Me Big!