as usual, i went to school today. early in the morning i arrived first before my friends arrived. Darina came today, i missed her. HAHA, ekin&i were okay today. we went for Pj class and we played volleyball. she was like so annoyed with me cause i kept losing the ball but she lost the ball more than i am. then then, after recess was sejarah class, so boring as usual ! EA class was okay too, i slept. and PA, ekin&i went to see Pn Ida and guess what? we told her about this stupid chinese girl, urghh, i felt like slaping her face. and and and the best part, she said that MANY teachers talk good about me. and im so much BETTER than last year. HAHAHAHA , kembang do bontot i dgr. for heaven's sake, i hate that lil junior of mine that made stories about me to teachers, heh, if you're jealous of me, just say so okay kiddo? dahlah GELAPPP! hahaha, beware, im watching you. thats it for today in school i guess. *im lazy to type everything though

AIDIL , im so mad at you when u slept and forgot about your promise at me.